Join a Community of Oracles, Healers, Mystics, Creatives, & Entrepreneurs in radical creative expression, sacred sexuality, and soul based business.

During this 1 Module Program - you'll receive valuable guidance and support from me in exploring your radical creative expression and learning how to use your creative voice as the means to share your message worldwide. You'll dive deep into clarifying your mission, purpose, and new paradigm business model to reflect your values, self-worth & desired lifestyle.


Having your own business is one of the most effective and valuable personal growth tools possible. Your business is the ultimate way to grow yourself at unprecedented rates. 


Yet, the very word business doesn't quite define all that we are and do, and as those who live outside of the box, it's important that our sacred work reflect this desire to align with our

• Prosperity, abundance, and luxury

• Wild, unihibited, raw, and creative expression

• Delicious desire, sensual freedom, and primal power



Defining & Designing our Sacred Mission & Designing a Sacred Mission that Aligns with and Reflects Your Desired Lifestyle is the new paradigm model of business...

Knowing and truly embodying your values, mission and purpose will support you through difficulties and give you the North Star of Your Desired Timeline....

Yet, understanding how to design a sacred mission that nourishes your soul and your wallet while staying true to your values can seem daunting or overwhelming until now...



In the New Paradigm, the Artists, Creatives and Healers are the Leaders 

In this new era of social media and online business, Healers, Mystics, and Creatives are never-before able to influence and share their message and be financially nourished from their creations, art, and expression.  Accessing the power of the Sacred Artist to transform your mess into your message and art media to uniquely convey your distinct gifts will set you apart.

Yet, understanding how to design a sacred mission that nourishes your soul and your wallet while staying true to your values can seem daunting or overwhelming until now...

We are being called to redefine the way business has been conducted  until now, and it's people like YOU who are being called to infuse your sacred mission into your work in the world. The original definition of the Old English bisignes (business)actually meant anxiety. In Middle English (14th century), it transformed into busyness, meaning occupied or engaged. Would you rather be BUSY or on a Sacred Mission?

In this online group experience we'll cover:

Creating a mission (business) model that reflects the gifts and offerings you desire to create/offer including pricing, container, experience, and Quick Start Guide

The Role of the Sacred Artist: Crafting unique offerings that reflect your essence as a Muse, Oracle, Mystic, or Creative and 

Soulful Sales: Sharing your work in effortless and heartfelt ways that engage you and make you feel good, aligning with your Soul Mate Clients, and Pricing Your Worth

Technical Logistics: We'll cover simple ways to nail your branding, social media, and how to handle all of the tech shizz you hate'

• The Art of Storytelling: We'll explore how the art of storytelling can share your offerings and message in compelling and viral worthy ways

• Unique Business Models: As creatives, we'll cover existing unique business models for creatives, healers, and cosmic star seeds and custom design one to suit your desired timeline, goals and desires.

The Kama Sutra of Business: We'll also cover design and incorporate balance, pleasure, bliss and ease into your model for maximum fun and alignment. 


• You're ready to more deeply explore yourself through creative expression, song, sound, and visual art and media

• You love investing in your growth and personal development

• You're ready to launch a sacred business  or already have a unique business that is ready for big growth

• You've always desired to create a business that you could run from anywhere in the world.

• You've always had dreams positively impacting millions of lives with your messages and work.

What's the difference between this experience and other programs or courses you've tried?

This experience brings you into the energy of creating while most personal growth courses and programs are about trying to 'fix' or 'heal' you. 

Through the act of creating with heart, you're brought into the embodied experience of feeling your connection to the themes we work through and alchemizing the energy with them as opposed to simply using our minds and logic to confront our emotions and fears. 

This is why art & art making are so powerful. Our souls speak through myth, art, and symbols, not logic. 

In the Mythic Self you learn how to be your own guru and listen to the symbols, messages, and wisdom your higher self is sending you. 

Yes, you may experience healing, releasing, and the witnessing of things being revealed and opened up. 

NOTE: This journey will likely uncover some suppressed emotions, dreams long-thought dead, and suppressed desires. In this container, all of you is welcome, and that includes all of your dark and light, fear and love, doubt and optimism. 


Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.31.58 PM.png

About Me

I've grown up performing, singing, and being in contact with Spirit, Source and Guides from a young age. I've studied music and singing, performed in choirs and musicals, completed a Diploma in Visual Art with majors in Performance, Painting, Sculpture. Also finished a Degree in Environmental Design with Honours, and have created sacred immersive transformational events that evoke the heart, spirit and soul of a group.

With my background in teaching, ritual magic, and a love of gaming, this journey will engage you to participate with authenticity, fun, and your whole self - while uplevelling your own sacred business, positively impacting others and feeling financially nourished.

I'm passionate in supporting you to fearlessly step forward in your expression.


Every creative container needs a solid structure in which to easily flow and create within.

You will receive each Module on the Sunday of each week and space to integrate through our Bi-Monthly Community Call

All calls will be recorded for REPLAYS. 

Community Calls will be every week, with the final week of each month being an Integration Week & Time for Monthly Project Show & Tell.

How would your life look and feel like if you actually gave yourself permission to not give two fucks about others thought?

What would being you look like if you focused all of your efforts into living your most delicious and potent life experience with more curiousity & less shame, more love and less guilt, more loving boundaries and less fucks!?!

This my love, is the beginning of the Mythic Self Journey.

In this Journey you'll have a community of support to stand in your corner for your deepest, boldest, and untold prayers and visions so you can become the blazing fire you were here to be and embody.

As leaders, how can we confidently guide and support others if we're not working on our own shit? How can we be expected to support others in their challenges if we're not owning up to and embracing our own darkness?

This journey is not for the faint of heart, but is for those who are ready to feel the weight of their innate sovereign power, the fierceness of their prayers, and to surrender into the love for their inherent sensuality and Shakti.






Each Sunday you'll receive weekly Modules including videos & PDF course work along with 




EVERY week (except each fourth week) you’ll be guided by me directly and continually called into new and higher levels of conversation in your life. Over 3 months this journey and the community will support you in transitioning to a more empowering expressed version of yourself. On these unique community call, you'll have the space to ask questions, get support with your blockages, and also be celebrated in your win. 


Having accountability from myself directly in the group and from your accountability community, you'll receive the additional support as you're stepping into you new habits, action,s, and self. Accountability is where people often ‘fall off’ of their commitments to themselves during the ‘re-wiring’ phase as you build new muscles at this new level. You’ll be able to ask Kate questions inside the private facebook group over the 12 weeks and have your questions answered directly!


Stats show that upwards of 90% of those who enroll in online education don't complete their courses. With this in mind, this journey is consciously designed to engage you throughout the duration through interactive discussions, challenges, and yes, prizes! Who doesn't love winning shit!? We've also thought ahead, and you'll be paired with a small group to show up, be visible and stay accountable. I'm all about creating a fun, safe and brave container where everyone is seen and acknowledged, no matter how shy you are. 



I’ve noticed a much clearer and more grounded, comprehensive understanding of what I offer & how to offer it through working with Phoenix. Through this I now more much more confidence in my skills and abilities and what I bring to the world.

I would most certainly recommend her services to anyone - as she has a wealth of understanding and is amazingly resourceful and completely unstoppable with whatever it is that she chooses to engage in. - Pulxaneeks Love, Strong Light Inside Coaching

Phoenix possesses a uniquely supportive ability to inspire others to take bold action to transform one’s way of looking at work. It has shifted my doubt to confidence in my abilities and actions. - Murray Johnson, LAUNCH Your Passion Project Graduate

After a beautiful connect with Phoenix one I will look back on many times this year as a totem to my success - I have realized the shifts I need to make in order to excel even faster. Thank you for your innate wisdom! If anyone feels like they need some guidance in their independent work, I highly recommend connecting with this beautiful being. - Sonya Lagar

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed when I came to do a coaching session with Phoenix. Phoenix is so warm, inviting, a healer, so much wisdom, intuition and passion. My pen couldn't keep up as she channeled perfect advice for my business and me. She has so much knowledge on marketing, business, and psychology.  She really helped to get back on track, take risks, keep trusting and believe. It's funny how I know all of this, but when fear comes up, it's all forgotten. I'm so grateful for this booster. You're truly incredible at what you do Phoenix, and I look forward to working with you more and achieving great results. ~ Hayley Melrose,



Over the past four years, I've invested more into my personal growth & healing than into any degree or university program, and the results have been worth it. In my personal experience, the more money I've invested into my personal growth and expansion, the more it's solidified the energy of trust and ultimately my ability to receive more.

If you notice yourself beginning to tense up at the thought of investing in yourself, notice where that energy contracts in your body, take a deep breathe in and consciously relax feel into that place. As we learn to individually and collectively heal our relationship with money, we allow that energy to flow more expansively and widen our channel to receive more and give/invest more.

The investment of your money energy is telling the Universe that, "Yes, I trust there will be more (much more) coming my way!" While this is not a quick fix journey, you can expect to see major transformations, shifts and miracles happen within a short time if you commit to going all in for 90 days. That's it! This journey will require you to dig deep, set aside the time to create, and courageously express your truths.