Full Moon in Gemini Nov 22 2018: Reviving Internal Sources of Joy


As people tune into the heavens above and the moon cycles, they begin to psychically sense the themes and messages the Cosmos has for us.

Just even in the past 48 hours, I’ve begun to turn the mirror inwards more and more in asking myself,

• “how am I contributing to the positive/negative experiences I have?”

• “are my recent conversations focused on joy, love, and gratitude, or where have I focused on complaining - focusing on issues, judgements, and reactionary responses?”

It takes a great deal of humility to look inwards and take responsibility for how WE show up and how our thoughts, actions, and energy contributes to the unfolding miracles of life.

Gemini’s are the great thinkers of the Zodiac, logical - intellectual - purveyors of the grander picture. Draw upon their essence to gain a wider perspective on the constellations of beliefs that have gotten you to here, and dream up new cosmologies which will afford you greater experiences of the spectrum that contains ecstasy, joy, awe, and wonder.

How can you gain greater clarity and reflections on the internal and habitual patterns of thought which block you from remembering gratitude, presence, and simple happiness?

In this Full Moon, first create some space to visualize yourself zooming out on your life, and reflect on how YOU have shown up;

  • In day to day conversations: are you speaking and focusing on joy and things going well, or are you focusing on your challenges, problems, and issues?

  • In your relationships: are you creating space for deeper listening, compassion, and connection or are you operating from limiting patterns that

  • In your lifestyle: Speaking with your future self and asking for support in releasing the habitual patterns of speech and thought which reaffirm old outcomes.



As featured in the recent Mystic Mama report, PAT LILES from The Power Path shares, “So, now is the time to dream your dream and engage and perfect your ability to hold your vision of the future while taking care of the details of life…

“The Moon Full in Gemini is a time to shake up the mental realms:  the mind, your perceptions, how you think and speak, how you teach and learn, and why you believe what you believe….

“Mercury in Sag… and riding under the influence of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction, it’s important to be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and the effect on others.”

As Chani Nicholas shares in her astrology report for this Full Moon,

With Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, back in its home sign, we are granted some much needed celestial assistance. This is no magic wand – no astrology is – but when our efforts are met with even a little opportunity, it can re-ignite our faith in life. Jupiter is the great ‘Yes!’ of the cosmos. It receives, accepts, and meets us with a positive affirmation of our potential.

Jupiter wants everyone to grow. It knows that keeping good things to oneself only limits our ability to experience the best of life. Generosity breeds more of the same and this Sagittarius season is here to help us remember the power of giving what we’ve got. 

Wanting to be right is human, but wanting to understand something new about ourselves through our interactions is a divine gift. The more open you are to learning about your prejudices, hang-ups, and how you shut down when things hit close to home is a far greater accomplishment than proving a point. The more we understand how we work, the less likely we are to let anyone or anything confuse, manipulate, or distort what it is we are trying to get across.

GUIDING THEMES & QUESTION: What are the messages my HIGHEST FUTURE SELF has for me?

AFFIRMATION: I allow my future being to merge with my current soul expression to support my every moment, breathe, thought and action to be an expression of love itself.


Create sacred space for yourself, and with your journal - open to two blank pages.

On the first, reflect and write down the beliefs, habits, and changes you consciously chose to change/upgrade from 5 years ago which drastically altered your future (quitting smoking, exercising, raising self-esteem).

Then, spend a minute dropping into your heart and celebrating yourself. These are changes that influenced your future, your current present, and the lives of those around you.

Now in a state of meditation, connect with your Higher Future Self 5 Years from Now (though we know time is not linear). Connect with their essence, their radiance, the quality of their character, and the energy they exude. Say hi, and allow yourself to have an exchange, a hug, and a smile.

Write down these qualities you feel from them.

Now ask them to share any messages to shift your beliefs, habits or outcomes. They might share how releasing negative associations will help you rise higher in self-esteem, or giving up alcohol will help your health.

Really drop into the virtues and qualities you are calling in and the types of daily rituals, behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that will support this. Think of this as Soul Character Manifestation.

Finish the ritual by hanging this paper somewhere where you’ll see it everyday.



We are undergoing a massive integration and healing of the energy we experience through Sex, Money and Relationships (Love).

The energy we exchange with others through money, love, and sex can carry within it our embedded fears, pains, and trauma — indeed, the collective trauma transmitted through these vehicles is a deep wound which has bound humanity into a fear-power program. AND this is a program being broken on a massive collective scale.

When we break the old programming of scarcity - where love is scarce, where deep spiritual/physical/mental connection) as experienced through sex is scarce, and where money is scarce, we release these shackles to experience the unconditional support of this loving Universe.

This is where we’re seeing many twin-flame connections being experienced, where people are stepping into unprecedented wealth around us, and people are experiencing major sexual liberation.

PROSPERITY CODES are the incoming programming codes for Gaia’s upgraded reality system (Terra Nova) which is the alignment of the new aligned currency system founded on love, abundance, and wealth for all. It is a new energy exchange founded on integrity, respect, abundance, and love.

As these codes continue to flood into the current reality, you will see old paradigm marketing tactics, programming, and corporate models built around creating artificial scarcity no longer working. As our collective consciousness elevates, you can literally sense the intentions behind one’s offerings, programs, services, and products - and whether they align with these new value systems or not.



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With love, Phoenix Amara