A Journey with Ayahuasca, Awakened Woman, and Divine Syncronicity

It was last December, and I was feeling shattered. 

Alongside holding the anger that Trump was elected as President and the immensity of collective rage, anger, and sadness felt through #metoo, I was also at a major cross-roads in my life and career.

Having integrated from our last Awakened Woman Convergence late 2017, there was a lot of emotion I was dealing with including shame, guilt, disconnection, and a sense of feeling lost.

I felt like I had failed and let down those I loved the most, I felt shame in the mistakes I had made....and as we know SHAME is one of the deadliest poisons we can swallow.

Often, those in the public realm are reluctant to publicly share the failures that often accompany being an entrepreneur and visionary, and mine was no exception. Being hard on myself for the mistakes I make is one thing, but making them right called on me to step up in ways I had never faced or imagined.

Being in integrity doesn't mean never making a mistake. It's how you show up, again and again in the face of your failures & mistakes. 

It means acknowledging where you screwed up, what mistakes you made, and how you commit to righting them. For anyone whose ever organized gatherings over multiple days for groups over 100, it is no small feat in the amount of energy, resources, blood, sweat and tears it sometimes entails. 

In hosting AWC 2017, I took major risks, and some of them backfired..big time!!! From scheduling conflicts, speaker cancellations, and a last minute venue change (among MANY OTHERS!), I was unable to see the beauty that had emerged while I was drowning under my crippling self-doubt in myself as a human.

One of the major insights that came forth from the group intelligence at Awakened Woman 2017 was that we NEED leaders who can admit their mistakes and seek to right them - BECAUSE IT IS INEVITABLE FOR ANY LEADER TO NOT ENCOUNTER FAILURE. 

In a special (and un-scheduled yet divinely timed) circle, there was much purging of grief and emotion in our collective anger at un-just politics, how leaders are appointed, and of course, the abuse of power we were witnessing.

Anyone in a position of leadership is destined to fall and fail, in big, public, and often hot messy ways. 

It's how we deal with the mistakes we make that count. It's how we learn to apologize, and not just apologize, but acknowledge the lessons and right the wrongs. 

It's in how we as leaders embody the values of re-establishing integrity, embodying compassion, and restoring truth in the face of our fuck-ups. 

This is something we rarely see from our leaders, yet it is coming through as a collective initiation for anyone in a position of leadership, especially now.

When we hold an intention through the proclamation to become something, it often doesn't look exactly as we imagine.

Calling forth the intention of becoming an 'Awakened Woman' actually broke me down to give me a breakthrough, and while I was still reeling from the many mistakes I had made, overwhelm from the stress & burden of a one-woman show (along with being a solo mama), and disconnected from my higher vision and purpose - I knew something had to give.

In this deep period of introspection where I questioned everything, I took the leap towards healing and committed to my first official 3 Day Ayahuasca Ceremony. 

Afraid, uncertain, yet also trusting, I knew this initiation would provide some of the answers I was ready to receive.

Held by an amazing couple, our small group was asked to bring forth our questions and intentions. One of mine was the next steps of what to do with the direction of Awakened Woman.

Up until that point, I felt stuck and unsure around how to keep building it's momentum or what growth looked like. And from the stress I went through of organizing a group event like last year, I felt unsure about hosting anything again for awhile.

Over 3 days of sitting with Mama Ayahuasca, the healing that took place was (and words can't accurately describe the journey) P R O F O U N D. 

This medicine is literally the sentience of Mama Gaia communing with your soul. While I gained so much insight and healing around family, my life, and communicated with extra-dimensional beings, nothing solid emerged around Awakened Woman. 

It wasn't until arriving home the next day that the answer arrived, as if by miracle. 

In my email inbox was an email from Rythmia Retreat Centre inquiring if I would be interested in hosting AWC 2018 there. Not only did they take care of all of the details including: accommodations, food, workshops, spa, and special treats like massages but they.....

facilitated Ayahuasca Ceremonies....

My jaw dropped. I couldn't have anticipated that Mama Aya would provide the answer in such a CLEAR & DIRECT WAY.

Rythmia Retreat Centre

Rythmia Retreat Centre

What I came to understand was that the entire purpose and intention from the start was to build a global community of friends who are pioneers in the path of Awakened Leadership, Spirituality and Global Change. I desired to connect in deep ways with other potent beings who were also interested in returning a spiritual intention and mission with business, with those who were pioneering new models in blockchain, community eco-systems, leadership, politics, community governance and food. 

As a futurist, I've also known that our creatives are the oracles for our societies, and desired to see their gifts and offerings fully honoured. 

And from this reminder of the original vision, I also had the clarity that Awakened Woman was meant to emerge (as we do!) into a more community based model, a model built on synarchy, where the group intelligence is prioritized over the Ego model, where a few people ''guide you to wholeness' and are heralded. 

Awakened Woman 2017, Phoenix Arizona. Photo Credit: Republic of Light

Awakened Woman 2017, Phoenix Arizona. Photo Credit: Republic of Light

“The Buddha, Shakyamuni, our teacher, predicted that the next Buddha would be Maitreya, the Buddha of love.... It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living.” —Thich Nhat Hanh,
— “The Next Buddha May Be A Sangha” in Inquiring Mind, Vol 10, No. 2, Spring 1994

From this clarity, we're gathering this November in Costa Rica at Rythmia Retreat to drop into shared space as visionaries, colleagues, and change-makers. There are no Gurus, All-Important Leaders, or EGO here. We are desiring to create sacred space to share our projects and unify our shared visions through collective support, resource sharing, and collaboration.

Ayahuasca is one of the most potent healing medicine ceremonies you can choose to use in healing (just listen to Gerard Powell's 5 min AMAZING story here), and its been travelling the world as a messenger to help awaken people to their heart, healing, and power. 

If you're desiring to collaborate and commune with epic visionaries while partaking in deep relaxation and medicine ceremony, we're welcoming a small group to join us this November. 

This will be a powerful week of beaches, tribe, and the unifiying of communities long-awaited!


7 Nights Luxury Resort Accommodations • 4 Medicine Ceremonies (optional) • 21 Farm-to-table Organic Meals • 3 “The Answer Is You” Classes Designed by Michael Beckwith • 1 About Your Miracle Class by Gerard Powell • 1 Your Multi-Dimensional Self Ceremony with Phoenix Muranetz • Galactic Ambassador Council Roundtables: Share Your Visionary Projects, Business, Ideas • 9 Yoga Classes • 2 Hydrocolonic Cleanses • 1 Swedish Massage • 3 Transformational Breathwork Classes • 1 Rythmia Way Program • 2 Medical Evaluations Performed by Staff Physicians

As this is a collaborative convergence, all participants will be engaged to share their visionary projects, organizations and businesses and contribute to ceremonies and gatherings.

(**Starting from $299usd per night)


SPACES FOR THIS RETREAT WILL GO FAST: This is an intimate gathering, so we're looking at only 33 people in attendance. To reserve your spot or get more details please phone 1-866-809-7542 and reference AWC 2018

Also visit my webpage for more info on the details: https://www.phoenixmuranetz.com/retreat-costa-rica            

In divine service & love, Phoenix

Phoenix Muranetz