What I've learnt from taking a break from Social Media



It's now been a week since I announced I would be taking a break from social media, and it's been the most refreshing decision I've made in 2019. 

While some people were concerned that I was going through turmoil (I mean good lord, who would leave social media!?), I also received a flurry of messages expressing appreciation and inspiration from my decision. My inbox filled up with people's phone numbers, words of support, and those who were genuinely interested in staying in contact.

It felt SO GOOD to make a strong decision for my well-being, to invite those who into my life more deeply, and to take a more powerful stand for what I truly desire. 

As someone who has relied upon social media for my online business, it’s been a decision that has honestly come up many times, but decided against, because….well…..business.

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After ruthlessly reviewing the habits and behaviours that do not support my well-being and where I’m headed, I realized that my relationship with social media was not healthy.

• Checking Facebook & Instagram more than 5 times a day is NOT HEALTHY!

• Looking at your phone constantly while in the presence of others is NOT HEALTHY.

• Going through your day and thinking about what life experience you would share through social media constantly is NOT HEALTHY.

These were all symptoms I realized I was having.


• 76% of Facebook members log on it every day

• The average user spends 35 minutes on Facebook a day

• Out of which, 24%  have used their time to look at other people’s images and posts.

• 48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook right when they wakeup

• Estimates posit that over 210 million people suffer from internet and social media addictions worldwide.

• The majority of Americans use Facebook and most users check the app daily. 68% of Americans have an account, and 74% of those users report checking the app at least once a day — 51% report checking Facebook several times daily.


• Do you get happy when the number of your followers increase?

• Do you get sad when you are left on ‘seen’ in a messenger without a reply?

• Do you get angry when you get disconnected from the internet?

• Do uou feel proud when that cute picture of yours get a hundred likes on Facebook?

Honestly answering these questions will show you how your emotions, whether it be anger, irritation, happiness, sadness, is connected to the artificial intelligence world when it should be connected to the real world.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I believe there are many benefits and attributes to social media and globalization. They have allowed us to be more connected to communities and networks around the world, finding people and light-workers just like ourselves who are channelling and receiving powerful information.

We’re becoming more aware of global and environmental issues. Learning about social justice campaigns, and being able to support on-going actions to bring balance in this world.

Yet, balance and a healthy relationship is needed with social media.

While I know I won’t be offline forever, I’m enjoying this much needed break from feeling so connected to the external world, and am using this time to be more connected to me.

To withdraw my consciousness from all of these different communities and connections online, and evaluate what is most nourishing to my mind, body, heart and soul.

To harness the power I gave away wastefully through the endless hours spent trolling through groups, threads, and online commenting, and put it towards the major projects I’ll share more about later.

To deeply reconnect with the organic matrix of life, Gaia, and the soil - listening to where my consciousness and life force is needed.

I’ve been getting better and deeper sleep, more fine-tuned psychic visions and perception, and feeling more content with myself and my life.

Big things call for drastic changes - and these changes are going to reap some major payoffs!

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If you’ve never consciously taken a social media break, or even considered one, I dare you to do so for one week, and actually see whether you have a social media addiction. I guarantee, most of you reading this have a mild addiction to social media….even you.

To do so, make a public announcement of your break, and encourage those you know to do so with you (having support is crucial). Ask for people to connect with you via text and private message you information.

Delete the apps from your phone (Facebook, FB Msg, Instagram, Snapchat etc). You can always reinstall later.

AND WATCH the changes that happen.

OBSERVE how many times you feel compelled to check your phone, your status, or your messenger.

OBSERVE how many times you feel compelled to share something via social media.

OBSERVE how many times Facebook or FB MSG tries to reinstall itself on your phone without you doing so.

Friends, we live in veryyyy interesting times, and my strong psychic perceptions tell me that honing our intuitive abilities like a sharp sword will serve us well in the coming years.

I guarantee this break will likely prompt you to do some internal soul searching. Like:

• Who are the people closest to you in your world?

• Do you have friends that check in on you weekly?

• Do you have a strong social circle that celebrate you?

Whether it's coincidence or not, interestingly a mere few days after announcing this break, it seemed a few major social media platforms went offline for millions - Instagram & Facebook. 

The hours of scrolling, commenting, and giving of my valuable data over to Facebook to make billions of dollars off of has now transformed into: 

More quality time with my daughter: I've found I've become more focused on how best to support her growth through organized plans to teach her energy healing, plant medicines, and life skills.

• Better inner focus & clarity: Not only am I not comparing myself to anyone else, my inner creative fire is fully coming through my conduit pure and uninspired by anyone else. I’m finding my goals are more ‘me’ and less influenced by what I’m seeing my definition of success should be.

• Greater presence in my relationships: This is simple. I’m not spending my time looking at my phone while in the presence of friends and family.

• More depth with myself & Enhanced Perception: I’ve found my dreams to be stronger, my clarity to be more focused, and my intuition to be razor fucking sharp. I’m literally becoming a psychic jedi through unplugging from the false matrix of the simulated reality. Feeling and listening to that feeling.

When I made these decisions, the Universe's ears perked up....and things starting aligning in powerful ways

• Very exciting opportunities started presenting themselves (more to share soon)
• People started reaching out in more meaningful ways

Quite literally, in setting a higher bar for the quality of interaction I wanted from life, life responded and met me.

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