International Women's Day

As we continue to unravel and expose the wounds that have suppressed the feminine aspect of humanity to the grave detriment of threatening humanity’s future survival, we women need to look at where we have internalized structures of oppression and separation from one another AND we need the support and love from the men in our lives.

Weaving the web of women together once again takes all of us. Weaving the dream of life together.

Awakened Woman Convergence 2017. Photo by:

Awakened Woman Convergence 2017. Photo by:

This photo was taken almost 1.5 years ago at the Awakened Woman convergence I organized, and it’s taken me this long to even think about this event without feeling overcome with shame, grief, and guilt.

Guided by spirit to bring these incredible people together, the convergence didn’t go as planned….Spirit had other directives.

Regardless of the insane amounts of energy, focus, and time - I felt I had still failed as a leader of the event. I didn’t follow the standard strategies or models, I didn’t come across as the ‘acclaimed leader’, and made many choices against my intuition.

My friend Ian Mackenzie wrote about his experience at Awakened Woman in his essay, 'The Wild Edge of Emergence’.

"At the lunch break, I attempt to find Phoenix and share my revelation. She’s missing from the crowds, and I pace the halls until I find her in her private room with the rest of her core team. She’s distraught, tears staining her cheeks. The rest of her team is grave.

She shares her disappoint about not seizing the moment that had just passed. Yet it was too much to pressure to bear. In the midst of logistical challenges and rising debt, Phoenix had been collapsing under the weight of running the conference in the old model leadership — based on the masculine ideals of strength and purpose. Just keep going. Try harder. Don’t let them see you sweat.

Awakened Woman Convergence 2017. Photo by:

Awakened Woman Convergence 2017. Photo by:

“I know what wants to happen.” I announce.

I share my experience at The New Story Summit and the need to return to the emergent precipice. I propose guiding the group to that moment again, before turning it over to Phoenix, whereby she will offer radical transparency about what’s been going on behind the scenes. From there, we’ll trust what comes."

“The only word to describe what followed is to call it ‘holy.’

What emerged was a deep well of grief that is the unspoken fundament that underlies so much of our time — certainly when we gather together and purport to be any sort of “community.” What is so often banished had returned: tears, anger, sorrow, transparency, trust." - Ian Mackenzie, ‘The Wild Edge of Emergence”

It’s this level of authenticity, vulnerability and transparency that is needed to bring the trust that is needed to unify people, communities, and the world.

We need to be embracing this level of radical authenticity - this is true leadership and success.

We must serve the higher vision - and keep our eyes on this level of authenticity in our work with others, and also within our messages, what we share with the world, and how we recover from the mistakes we’ll surely make along the way.

International Women’s Day is NOT about 'smashing the patriarchy’ or ‘hating men’. It’s about returning to a balance, one that has been sadly missing from the world at large.

Awakened Woman Convergence 2017. Photo by:

Awakened Woman Convergence 2017. Photo by:

It’s about listening to the womxn in our lives, the feminine that grows under our feet, and provides to us.
It’s about honouring women as loving caring hearts that deserve to be loved, supported, and elevated.
It’s about opening up to other women in a space of authentic transparency and trust.
It’s about having the courage to love her and not abandon her in times of emotional distress, turmoil and anger.

Can we make the commitment to show up for her, to love her, to stand beside her, and champion for her?
She could be you, your friend, or your lover.

But the way we treat the women (and all beings) in our lives is a reflection of ourselves.

This is what’s on my heart & mind today on this International Women’s Day. Let’s continue to let our hearts crack open, to take the courage to actually feel everything, to be caring stewards of those in our lives, and devote ourselves to being as loving, kind, and caring to ourselves and those in our life.

Take a moment to share with one woman the beautiful and unique qualities you see her sharing with the world. We need to hear your kind words, that our actions, values, and being are loved and appreciated.

Share this with a woman who inspires you, who ignites you, and supports others along the way. Tell her she is important, special and worthy of love.

Article Quoted: Ian Mackenzie, “The Wild Edge of Emergence”

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