New Moon in Pisces March 6th 2019




It’s been a solid few months of integration and deepening into my visions for 2019 since returning from Egypt.

As one of our Egypt Crew recently shared, “Egypt has been the biggest attunement of my life!”

It’s fair to say that it’s taken these past few months to fully understand and awaken to what we experienced and went through. In these times of listening, I’ve been comfortable in the sense of staying quiet and laying low. I’ve been allowing myself to go inward in this space, being more quiet and withdrawing in reflection.

It’s been humbling and some of the most potent healing I’ve needed. Time to reflect, integrate and ask really deep and honest questions. “What do I want?”, “where do I need to grow, learn, and lean in?”, “what am I prepared to let go of (projects, ideas, people, beliefs?”, and “What am I surrendering myself to?” (happiness, growth, etc.

I don’t subscribe to the notions that this needs to be complete by New Years. In fact, that just ain’t working with my flow as a mama, creative, and intuitive creative to natural rhythms. Fuck that! Let’s reorient to the natural seasons, cycles, and ebb and flow of life.

Innately following the natural rhythm of the cycles, I view Spring as the official starting place for the year. We’re still in the season where we plant the deep seeds of intention to gestate and germinate over the winter, blossoming in the spring.

One thing I've seen in bringing forth containers of experiences for others is that it always opens up new gateways into deeper awareness and innerstandings for myself. These insights are flooding in fast, and it's such a divine honour to receive these keys of liberation in my body, heart, and soul.

While my next post will more intimately share on the details and codes received from Egypt, this New Moon in Pisces so accurately sums up the storylines and key threads from last year and what’s coming through for this year. The ones ending and the ones beginning.

I hope this TRANSMISSION provides needed insights for you. Sidenote: I am not a trained astrologer, but more oracular in my gifts. The transmissions that move through me for the individual and collective happen to be synced with the moon cycles. If you share any of these words, please reference my site and give due credit.


Brene Brown shares a story in which she owns the story she is creating by prefacing her conversation with, “The story I am telling myself is….”. She does this as a means of taking ownership over the story and not placing her perspective as a truth of reality but more of a slice of the whole….one that may be skewed, slanted or sidewise.

This New Moon cycle is aligned with the frequency of Pisces - Death & Rebirth, Duality and the delicate balance between the two. It is the gateway into the Subconscious watery emotional depths of our being, and one must tread with both caution and courage.

This New Moon frequency asks you to look at the individual stories you tell yourself about:

• Your relationships, worthiness and lovability, and honesty about the quality of relationship with yourself.

• Your relationship to your gifts, and the way they are received or not received in the world.

• Your relationship to the world at large. Are you prepared to release old out-dated programming on the old timeline of Gaia and embrace the new timeline of Terra Nova - one that is filled with optimism, hope, power and love?

What stories are you ready to end or let die so that new plot lines, with greater richer and more loving adventures and experiences can take root and grow? These new stories need the fertilizer from your old shitty stories in order to take hold and root.

Becoming a Quantum Time-Dimensional Hopping Being means identifying timelines that are undesireable or no longer necessary and releasing our attachment to them, so we can allow something greater for our growth.

A Personal Example & Quantum Practice:

A few weeks ago, we received the largest snowfall we’ve had in my area since the 1940’s. Living out in nature just outside the city, we were housebound for days and lost power, water, and internet for 48 hours. We would have to call in a technician to unfreeze our pipes with a blowtorch, but he wouldn’t be available until the following day.

Something inside of me was not satisfied with the reality of being without water, our most precious medicine. I began envisioning healing golden light warming up our pipes and unfreezing them, even as my Ego was telling me it was ridiculous to spend any time thinking this. I let my imagination see these pipes being unfrozen, and then relaxed into the gratitude of seeing myself taking a beautiful hot bath while snow kept falling outside of our beautiful home. I allowed myself the pleasure in fantasizing about the deliciousness of this bath, and felt deep gratitude in my being.

Literally an hour later, we miraculously had water running, without the need for a plumber to come and fix it. Our intentions are beyond powerful, our imaginations being far more than fantasy creators - they are reality makers.


Take 15 minutes and feel into an old narrative or story that has continually plagued you (choose only one to start). Whether this is feelings of being in scarcity and always broke, not finding love, etc.

Now sending healing golden love light energy to that story, softening and dissolving it into a more desired picture of reality. Then feel the gratitude of that new reality taking hold. Really see and envision this reality, and then soften into the gratitude you feel in knowing that is the NEW STORY.


You can also do this with the COLLECTIVE & HUMANITY. What is one old story you are ready to alchemize within our current collective story - war, corruption, greed, etc. Choose one that feels particularly alive - Pipeline expansion on indigenous lands, abuse of children in religious sects, the corruption of your local government and taxes. Then send it healing golden love energy, dissolving and healing that old reality, letting a new more beautiful picture of reality to emerge. Feel gratitude in your being in knowing and experiencing this new truth, this new story.

Rinse and repeat as needed.


Some personal insights received from my journey to Egypt last December.

Being the Throat Chakra of the Planet, the medicine of Egypt cleared ALOT of old suppressive energies within my throat - allowing me to speak more openly, authentically, and radically honest with myself and others.

This place has deep healing properties for humanity as a whole - as much of our current structures are based on Maya - the illusion. False representations of spirituality, lifestyle, success, and what we ‘should be doing’ need to be replaced with radical truth telling in our conversations, our social media, and our connections.

These insights are what have been percolating (though there are MANY more coming forth).

My RADICAL FIRE has been imminently awoke, and I expect much more FIRE & HONEST PASSION to infuse into every creation I release into the world here on out.

1. The lost arts of creating from feminine pleasure: Much of the world's structure today has been created primarily from the masculine energy of creation. We as women have looked to emulate that success by creating primarily from our masculine energy (also known as the ubiquitous energy of hustle). Yet, creating from the female orgasmic energy of pleasure is an entirely different way of creating, manifesting and is deeply embodied, flowing, sensuous, patient, and bliss filled. 

There’s an interplay that needs to happen - not just one way, or the other, but a marriage of the two - an inner balance and harmony.

Because I LOVE SEX METAPHORS think of it like this, it's the difference in: 

• having fast, 'wham bam' sexual encounters with little warm-up or foreplay vs.

• hot bath with candles, then being rubbed down with warm delicious smelling oils, then lightly touched all over your body, then receiving in full openness a sensuous yoni massage.

THE DIFFERENCE: Both feel good. But if you're just having it one way all the time, that gets old. Balancing between these two energies of creation requires both, yet most are creating primarily from the masculine directive energies of all logic, action, and mind.

A personal story & reflection is I’ve been caring LESS about the SHOULDS and placing more emphasis on the ephemeral nature of my desire. What do I feel like creating, pursuing, and doing with my time….

Allowing permission to release the anxiety of creating a business structure like everyone else, and coming home to the innate truths inside of me. Taking this approach is what has opened the conduit floodgates to open, and my book is finally pouring through me - receiving the SOURCE CODES needed to share with others.

• Deep dive into self-worth: Coming home to an innerstanding that I AM THE BELOVED has been a huge revelation. How do I treat myself - through daily choices, the inner dialogue I have with myself, and my habits. I’ve been exploring this through the MYTHIC SELF work that has been channelling through me into a online journey experience to be released later this year. It’s meant embodying this work around self-love, inner marriage, self-sexual exploration, self-pleasure, and connecting in with my heart, body, soul, womb and yoni.

Much of our self-worth templates were received from a long lineage of ancestral shame, trauma, fear and guilt. While we also have received deep wisdom and gifts, many of those gifts have come wrapped and shrouded in the tatters of fear-ridden belief systems covering the radiance of this special wisdom. 

• Radical honesty:  Being radically honest with yourself and others is a blessing, and requires much courage and detachment. This means reconnecting to your ultimate desires in your life and being really honest with yourself and your biggest, largest, grandest visions.

This has rippled into my life, especially with regards to intimate relationships. As I began dating again, which is no simple thing as a xennial in the current landscape of exploring masculine/feminine balance and polarity, it has posed great blessings and challenges.

In becoming more authentic and up front about what I’m desiring (A KING!, partner, lover) I’ve felt comfortable setting a tone of radical honesty in this regard with those I’m courting/being courted. Yet not everyone is up to receive such truth. Aren’t we used to playing games, manipulating, or hiding truths in order to get what we want and need, while concealing important info from others? Haven’t we been taught that this is how we get what we need?

I’ve been breaking this within myself, and alchemizing it with the fierce tender compassion of radical honesty.

This has meant owning up to my mistakes, how my actions have hurt others, and also radically sharing my vulnerability when my feelings have been hurt, or acknowledging my story as just that, a story. In embodying this radical approach, it’s allowed my interactions to be more rooted in trust. There’s no pretending, playing, or guessing - just straight up respectful honesty - because don’t we all deserve that?!

But with it, also comes the RADICAL HONESTY we need with OURSELVES.

- Who do you want to be? Who are you willing to become?

- What kind of lifestyle are you truly deserving of having?

- What project, career, or ambitions have tugged at you since inception?

- If fear, shame and guilt were not in your vocabulary, what would you allow yourself to have? 

What ways can we become so truthful with ourselves, that there is no hiding.

The apocalypse is the removing of the veil, so why not become so transparent with ourselves that there is nothing to hide - and in fact, showing everything is the act of courageous medicine that can help someone else.

I’m not a guru, self-proclaimed enlightened master, or anything more special than you dear human reading this. Just another embodied human angel figuring out this New Earth thang.

Until next time!