Full Moon in Aries Sept 2018: The healing of Sex, Money & Love


As an Aries, I’ve been feeling the intensity of this Full Moon in Aries coupled with the potency of the Equinox. The more I follow and pay attention to the moon cycles, the more I’m noticing the parallels between their significance and meanings with my own life & circumstances.

And attuning to and using the energy of each full or new moon allows you to harmonize with the aspects of how these cosmic energies influence your life, and how you can actively focus these energies for greater awareness, insight, healing and flow.

In this Full Moon, you may be experiencing a surge of energy or emotion, which may catalyze the breaking down to break through old patterns of victimhood, abandonment, or isolation in your personal or romantic relationships.

Aries as the first zodiac sign is representative of the Self, and it is through the Self we experience the world. It is through the self, and our self healing, that we share this transformative energy with the world. And no great being is birthed without some element of struggle. It is through this struggle that we see what is important, what is worth fighting for, and what we care for.


As Chani Nicholas confirms in her astrology report for this Full Moon,

“Whatever you have been dreaming, developing, and creating in your creative incubators is worthy of the struggle to bring it into form. Resistance is part of the process of release. This astrology is a moment in that struggle, a moment that defines the importance of what it is you are bringing into the world. A moment that acknowledges the time it takes to make something of quality. A moment to be a courageous protector of your creations, setting the appropriate boundaries so that they have the chance to take shape on their own terms.”


We are undergoing a massive integration and healing of the energy we experience through Sex, Money and Relationships (Love).

The energy we exchange with others through money, love, and sex can carry within it our embedded fears, pains, and trauma — indeed, the collective trauma transmitted through these vehicles is a deep wound which has bound humanity into a fear-power program. AND this is a program being broken on a massive collective scale.

When we break the old programming of scarcity - where love is scarce, where deep spiritual/physical/mental connection) as experienced through sex is scarce, and where money is scarce, we release these shackles to experience the unconditional support of this loving Universe.

This is where we’re seeing many twin-flame connections being experienced, where people are stepping into unprecedented wealth around us, and people are experiencing major sexual liberation.

THEMES: Divine Energy healing the lines of Sex. Love. Money. Focus. & Direction

AFFIRMATION: I allow the energies I share in lovemaking, relationship and financial exchanges to be filled with love and from the sole intention of love. I heal the lines of energy connecting me to other beings.

The exchange and parallel of energy shared in sex and financial interactions is very very sacred, and is also the areas most targeted for fear-based programming. Keeping humanity’s consciousness locked down through fear-based programming such as debt, financial poverty, and sexual abuse has been the main source of harvesting energy for malevolent intentions.

The global awakening taking place as we’ve been seeing through major global movements in #metoo, revelations in Vatican child abuse, and soon to come revelations (by February 2019) of major corruption in the international banking structures and organizations and their intricate relationships with war makers will mean huge (and much welcome) changes in the policy and governance of wealth.

So how can you take advantage of this collective energy through this Full Moon?



PROSPERITY CODES are the incoming programming codes for Gaia’s upgraded reality system (Terra Nova) which is the alignment of the new aligned currency system founded on love, abundance, and wealth for all. It is a new energy exchange founded on integrity, respect, abundance, and

As these codes continue to flood into the current reality, you will see old paradigm marketing tactics, programming, and corporate models built around creating artificial scarcity no longer working. As our collective consciousness elevates, you can literally sense the intentions behind one’s offerings, programs, services, and products - and whether they align with these new value systems or not.


As these incoming codes begin to come into your energy (even in the viewing of these sacred symbols) allow yourself to feel what they are communicating to you.

This first Prosperity Code is all about the awareness of the unified field of energy, especially in it’s exchange through sex, love, and financial exchange.

The sacral chakra relates to Creative Expression, Sexual Connection (sexual organs), and our ability to create abundance. So if you’re experiencing blockages in your sexuality, sexual expression, ability to express your primal desires, and/or your ability to generate/create/manifest abundance for yourself, it’s okay.

Questions to ask yourself at this time:

• Am I fully present in my sexual, financial, and love exchanges?

• Are my intentions pure and coming from a place of love?

• Do I truly value and honour how I spend my money, or am I truly honouring, loving, and valuing the person(s) I share my sexual energy with — or am I ‘numbing out’, disconnected, fearful, or absent in these interactions.

• Am I in a harmonious and centered place in my relationship to the currency shared through financial or sexual means?

• Do I feel ‘at home’, connected to, and loving of myself as a prosperous and sexually expressed being, or do I still hold onto blocks around my sexuality and financial well-being?


Take a dollar bill, coin, or small bowl of money. Under the Full Moon, bless this money with water from a local water source. As you bless this money, feel the source of love flowing into the water and cleansing this physical representation of value. Feel it cleansed from your personal judgements, fears, attachments, and dogma. Feel it cleansed from the collective trauma, pain, and fear - especially with poverty. You can repeat this affirmation:

“I bless this money and all money with Divine Love. I bless this money and cleanse it and all money from the energies of pain, fear, abuse and control. I allow this new vibration of divine love money to enter my reality in life affirming ways - nourishing my dreams, desires, and mission. I allow all those who receive money from me to receive my full love and appreciation!”


Join myself and Devaiya Ra as we share more on these incoming Prosperity Codes and how to begin receiving them into your life. On our live Transmissions, we’ll be sharing more on the dying scarcity program and how it may be showing up in your life, how to unplug from this matrix, and facilitating a collective prayer ritual for opening your energies to receive the divine prosperity, abundance, and miracles waiting to be seen and received.

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To infinite prosperity, peace & love,

Phoenix Amara