Moving Beyond the Source Wounds of Patriarchy & Disconnection

Moving Beyond the Source Wounds: Healing the Wounds of Patriarchy & Disconnection

In our current era of digital technology, lightning fast WIFI that connects us instantaneously to world events as they happen, drive-throughs, Tinder romances and this blindingly fast paced world -- the wounds we suffer from Patriarchy are ever more present.

Our modern world has brought us the conveniences we are now accustomed to, but where we once took the space and solitude to drop into our hearts and open our thoughts through quill, ink and paper knowing it would take someone days on horseback days, weeks or months to be received.

Now with anger reared, or opened wounds with a few simple words written in misplaced anger and the touch of a button - we have the option to direct our words — however knifing and deep into someone’s direction. With the touch of a button, we have the power to drop bombs on unsuspecting children, elders and innocent people, while we sit tucked safely within our protected bunkers thousands of miles away.

How would we know if we were acting from our wounds collectively and individually?
How would we know if we were acting from a wounded place? Are we ready to deeply feel this wound once and for all in order to release it from the collective with a big sigh…..


The wounds of:

  • Not being enough

  • Not having enough

  • Not being heard

  • Not being seen

  • Not loveable enough

  • Not beautiful enough

  • Not successful enough

  • Not connected to others

As we together climb out of the deep pits of Patriarchy — a system that has been detrimental to both men and women, a system that has neglected to honour both the masculine and feminine, and those who walk between, betwixt or beyond duality - how would we know if we were acting from the wounds of Patriarchy?

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Beyond the many terms and definitions that define the system we are releasing, “Patriarchy is the term used to describe the society in which we live today, characterized by current and historic unequal power relations between women and men whereby women are systematically disadvantaged and oppressed. This takes place across almost every sphere of life but is particularly noticeable in women’s under-representation in key state institutions, in decision-making positions and in employment and industry. Male violence against women is also a key feature of patriarchy. Women in minority groups face multiple oppressions in this society, as race, class and sexuality intersect with sexism for example” (Hooks, Understanding Patriarchy).

Hook’s further writes, “Patriarchy is the single most life-threatening social disease assaulting the male body and spirit in our nation. Yet most men do not use the word “patriarchy” in everyday life. Most men never think about patriarchy—what it means, how it is created and sustained.

We need to highlight the role women play in perpetuating and sustaining patriarchal culture so that we will recognize patriarchy as a system women and men support equally, even if men receive more rewards from that system. Dismantling and changing patriarchal culture is work that men and women must do together. Clearly we cannot dismantle a system as long as we engage in collective denial about its impact on our lives.

If men are to reclaim the essential goodness of male being, if they are to regain the space of open-heartedness and emotional expressiveness that is the foundation of well-being, we must envision alternatives to patriarchal masculinity. We must all change.”

The shift that is occurring right now is the honour and recognition of not only the Divine Feminine as being important but also the very crucial need for the Divine Masculine - both within each of us and externally in our world. Contrary to what some might assume, patriarchy is still very much upheld by women. Anytime a woman competes for a man’s attention, cuts another women down, judges another woman based on her appearance, or tries to take someone else’s power, these are all symptoms of being in a system where we get ahead by hurting others.


Healing the wound of the masculine has not been an easy one for humanity, nor myself. Having never really known my father - the only things I knew about him was that he was absent, that he was an abuser, and at some level he abandoned me. These are the traits of the masculine I was first introduced to, and one we are still witnessing on a 3D level.

All of the things I wished my Father to know and feel, such as my anger and disappointment for his violence towards women and for his extreme disinterest in wanting to repair our fractured relationship  seem to mirror so much of the macrocosmic relationship (or absence) to our relationship with the cosmic father or wounded masculine.

Michael Meade recently shared a story about the human story during his workshop at Beloved. In a cave, there was a woman weaving the most beautiful garment in the world - it was the weaving of the world. She would take a single porcupine quill and grind it flat between the nubs of her teeth, weaving these quills into the garment of humanity. Behind her sat her dog, and at the back of the cave sat a pot of seeds in broth brewing over the fire. While the old woman got up to stir this pot of seeds and herbs, the dog got up and tore apart the garment. Instead of expressing anger - the woman sat down and began to envision an even more beautiful garment than the one before her, reusing the pieces from the previous garment. Symbolic of the need for chaos and destruction to create space for new creation - are we currently in that liminal space?

God is known to express his love for his only son, but what about his daughters? Where is the deep reverence and honour in world religions for the feminine? As women, are we are being called to feel the pain at the lack of respect for the Feminine in all world texts and religions? Are we as a collective being asked to feel the deep forgiveness for the collective story we have all played a part in weaving, and ready to begin the weaving of a new garment?


And the healing of this starts with the feeling. Because we use avoidance to not feel, the ache of humanity’s heart in feeling the collective wound so we can collectively inhale, breathe, cry and release it.

How are we to then embrace the unity we are so desperately in need of if we are unwilling to face the deepest wound - the absence of union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.


Neo in the Matrix so aptly describes the metaphor of a master. Neo finally becomes invincible against the Smiths by feeling a deep surrender to the nature of who he has always been and through the surrender to the truth of who he is, becomes impenetrable to all forms of violence or anger directed his way. But his invincibility is activated by his love for Trinity….the Divine Feminine.

The initiation of peace  - to feel deep and unwavering peace and love within oneself regardless of the energetic arrows, piercing words, or judgements from others that come our way. That is the initiation of a master, of knowing oneself enough to love oneself at all costs, which is why our greatest masters have experienced the initiation of absolute betrayal, and even in certain cases death, and so transcend it.

So where we see the broken systems of capitalism, politics, medical systems, school systems and corporate systems that are shuddering with the creaking sounds of bodies shutting down - fraught with bullying, incessant stress, dogma, wounding. Emerging from the cracks of this centuries old pavement where it’s foundation is one that pits woman against woman, and man against man, adult against child, and elder against youth - emerges the green shoots of new life. A new life of hope, ancestral wisdom, deep knowing and ageless compassion.

As we climb out of the prison of Patriarchy, a system where we are rewarded to cut others down in order to rise above, takes courage. A path to uniting the masculine and feminine within ourselves so that this unified love to spill forth from within us is the next stage of our evolution in humanity.


What we as a humanity are endeavouring to do is explore a new model of united Divine Masculine + Feminine so we can move beyond a world of duality into the New Human. We've seen those who are pioneering the world of gender fluidity, and exploring new realms for what love looks and feels like. 

If we are going to embrace this new story we are weaving - We need to surrender. Let go. Stop Forcing. Stop blaming others. Stop Realizing that there is no one outside of ourselves - that everyone is but an extension of one. This is the concept of Unity, harmony, oneness.

We are ready to:

• Move beyond the petty bullshit….

• Move beyond the wounds of mistrust or cutting others down behind their back.

• Move beyond competition driven by ego and the need for power and control


This is our calling to step up as Warriors of Love, as Awakened Beings in our place as healers of oneself, and as messengers of light. Our world is calling to the deepest parts we’ve been hiding, and are ready to share with ourselves and the world. It is an initiation and sacred union not only within but an external acknowledgement and honouring of one another.

This is but one aspect of what we will be calling forth through sacred ceremony this Christmas, on Christmas Day (the birth of the Divine Sun) in the Great Pyramids of Egypt with a special soul reunited group. If you feel you are on the of 33 people being called home for this mission, please contact me directly at

More information on the Amenti Stargate Egypt Mission Here >> 

Phoenix Muranetz