The Prophecy of Peace: The End of the Phoenix Cycle

Doing the work on the planet as a lightworker calls us into doing the deepest work of healing and love possible.

It is not merely something to talk and espouse these ancient wisdom teachings - we must be initiated by them to embody them.

The past few weeks have been some of the deepest healing I’ve allowed myself to go through. I also recognize that much of what I experience is also mirrored in the collective healing journey (sound familiar?).

In the span of a few weeks, I’ve transitioned and upleveled from one home to another and also released a powerful relationship unable to stand the tests and choices that were asked.

It’s been weeks of being present with and acknowledging the emotions and stories brought forth. The emotions, fears, and old stories have gone through an astonishingly fast process of:

• ”What is wrong with me?

• Why am I not lovable/worthy/ enough for someone to commit to me?”

• “Why is someone not choosing me again?”


• ”I am ok and I have all I need within me”

• “These old stories do not serve me”

• ”I AM worthy of love, and in someone loving and choosing me too”

• “I’m grateful to this experience and person for mirroring my insecurities and bringing healing to the Divine Masculine”

• “I fully surrender and trust the Divine Masculine within me, and allow myself to acknowledge the full love for the masculine energy within”

• ”My anger and old projections can be hurtful to others, and I need to find healthier and more loving ways of expressing these feelings”

See - embodying fire, transformation, crucifixion, and fury have been energies that have felt easy for me to feel through the name of Phoenix I’ve taken on for the past five years.


The name Phoenix came to me in a vision years ago, in deep prayer asking for a name that would give me the power to break through Karmic Cycles.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.44.55 PM.png

The Phoenix is the one risen from the ashes of its own death. The myth of the Phoenix is where it builds its own funeral pyre and immolates itself to be reborn once more. It is heavily referenced in many cultures religions and traditions but places prominently in Egyptian myth and culture.

Phoenix or Ph-Oenix (Pa-Hanok) is the Grecianised form of the Egyptian title for the ‘House of Enoch’.

More in depth research reveals that the Phoenix was actually a method of keeping time in Ancient Egyptian times and earlier, as a calendar for certain time periods of transformation of the lands and soul.

It is a potent transformative process to shed your old skin to be reborn.

But when does the painful process end? Life, death, and being reborn…..over and over and over….

This essentially speaks to the process of reincarnation. An endless cycle of life, death and resurrection.

Humanity is ending it’s relationship with reincarnation….a process of recycling souls over and over again. We’re ready for a new game….one of learning from our many lessons and evolving into our next stage of evolution.

Having gone through a process of being ready to release this cycle on behalf of our brothers and sisters globally, it also feels time to release the name of Phoenix.

And step into the Immortal Dove. Immortal Peace. Peace Embodied.

People around the world are awakening to Unity Consciousness at a faster rate than we’ve seen represented through our ‘media’.

Children meditating in the thousands at schools around the world, UNIFY Synchronized Meditations, people embodying and walking the path of Peace.

The message is being sent, and we are coming into ACCELERATED ASCENSION TIMES….


This is is friends….Love has Won, and WE are ALL Winning. No one left behind.


One of the many visions I received in medicine ceremony over New Years 2017 was of being in an open field with ancient ones drumming in celebration. I was the Phoenix, with feathers, wings, and beak rising up in service and love to Humanity.

As I rose above the Earth, I was transformed into a Peace Dove - seen by all of the Galactic Councils, Star Nations and Cosmic Communities.

This Dove communicated to our Star Nations that we had achieved a tipping point of peace embodied….not all beings….but a percentage of us.

A message and symbol that Love Had Won.

These visions didn’t make sense….until now.

The DOVE is the final risen symbol of peace that comes from burning, dying and rising from the ashes.

It is the symbol of victory in rising above the endless cycles of death and life, into the new stage of immortal love and peace.

Expect to feel suppressed emotions rising to the surface to be transmuted so that you can EMBODY THE ENERGY OF PEACE.

ALLOW for all that is not resonant with your transformation to fall away from your life, and be fully present with your emotions.

Ask yourself, “Is this real or am I releasing old stories, fears, and wounds?”


As these integrations have taken place, I also refined my needs and desires in divine love partnership, and expressed them to someone who I’ve come to love very deeply in the past two and a half months.

I then set him free with the choice to either deepen with me amidst the fears he may be facing of what committed partnership entails, or be released to align with what he would rather have/desire.

Because I would only want to be with him if he fully CHOSE me….and CHOSE himself, his potential, and his happiness. THAT is freedom of choice and real love.

AND instead, I also chose to unify the twin flame inside of myself - Hieros Gamos. I already have all of this love inside of me, so that I can be in partnership with someone who is whole, complete, and in love with themself as well.

What a realization. There is no need to grasp for any love outside of myself. Just radiate in peace and unify in partnership with others who are at peace with who they are….


In stepping into this new embodiment of peace, I’ve come to greater peace in my being, in my body, in my heart and soul.

I feel at peace in my decisions, in my actions, words, deeds, and heart.

I feel at peace with my mistakes, and aim to make wrongs right and be impeccable in my actions here on out.

I now allow myself to come from a place of divine peace and trust in myself, the world, and Great Spirit.

I now completely love all of me. My mistakes, perceived failures, and faults. I love my gifts, my essence, and my heart.

While the PHOENIX was essential to harnessing the transformation of fire to burn away that which does not serve humanity’s journey, and what is left is the evolution of this into the energy of PEACE.

While it’s still unclear (yet) if this means reclaiming my birth name, Amy, what I do have are insights into the symbolism of each one.

Amy means Dearly loved or Beloved.

The name Amara has been with me for the past year, and was confirmed to me recently in a vision as one element of this new name. Amara means many things in many languages; and in Sanskrit and Indian (Hindi) “amara”, means “immortal one, eternal”.

The Dove in most cultures, traditions, and religions is a symbol of peace and is the completion of the PHOENIX CYCLE.

In Hebrew, Dove is Younah (You-an-ah), and together ‘Amara Younati” represents Immortal Peace.

I’ve now re-emerged from this journey - stronger, softer, clearer, at peace, and in full service again.

If you need or desire guidance in your ascension process of remembering your Seraphim heritage, reclaiming the fullest essence of your divine being, myself and Devaiya Ra are bringing a group together to receive the Prosperity Codes in the coming weeks.

An unlocking of the Prosperity Codes within is the harmonization of your 2-Strand DNA to activate the Holy Trinity within. It is the unlocking of your divine birthright for creating, receiving, and loving as an abundant, sovereign and supported expression of the Divine.

These are the codes coming into being - unlocking the remembrance of our Divine Heritage and experiencing our true embodied expression as Prosperity Creators - receiving and creating Divine Prosperity in conscious creation with Terra Nova (Earth).

Register your interest in joining these transmissions and our intimate group here.


We are living it now. Love has Won!

To your abundance, love and freedom.

Amy Amara Younati
Beloved Immortal Dove
(I am You!)

p.s. I’ll be transitioning over all things to these new names….so in the meantime, you can continue to find me and my work in the same places.

Amara Younati & Devaiya Ra. Photo: Emilee Wilson Creative

Amara Younati & Devaiya Ra. Photo: Emilee Wilson Creative

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