International Women's Day

International Women’s Day:

As we continue to unravel and expose the wounds that have suppressed the feminine aspect of humanity to the grave detriment of threatening humanity’s future survival, we women need to look at where we have internalized structures of oppression and separation from one another AND we need your love and support.

Weaving the web of women together once again takes all of us. 

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New Moon in Aquarius Feb 4 2019

This New Moon lands in the cycle of Aquarius and also heralds the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig.

This year particularly heralds great success in whatever it is that you focus and decide to undertake. Whereas 2018 focused on solid introspection, reviewing the internal landscape, and clearing away the old to create more sturdy foundations, 2019 is the year to build and experience the success from the challenging internal work you did in 2018.

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Full Moon in Gemini Nov 22 2018: Reviving Internal Sources of Joy

As people tune into the heavens above and the moon cycles, they begin to psychically sense the themes and messages the Cosmos has for us. Just even in the past 48 hours, I’ve begun to turn the mirror inwards more and more in asking myself,

• “how am I contributing to the positive/negative experiences I have?”

• “are my recent conversations focused on joy, love, and gratitude, or where have I focused on complaining - focusing on issues, judgements, and reactionary responses?”

It takes a great deal of humility to look inwards and take responsibility for how WE show up and how our thoughts, actions, and energy contributes to the unfolding miracles of life.

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A Word on Taking Up Space

Taking up space doesn’t mean blindly and unconsciously hurling your self and your energy into people’s faces, spaces, or bodies

It ___is ____not___ the process of speaking just to be heard or take attention

Taking up space is the call we’re hearing all over the world

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Phoenix Muranetz