Mythic Self Initiation

Mythic Self Initiation

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The Mythic Self Initiation is the initial stages of making contact with and embodying your higher self and the Spirit Realm.

In this initiatory experience, you’ll be guided through 3 Gateways that have accompanying rituals:

• The Spiritual Gateway: This is where you acknowledge you are not merely human, and enter the spirit world to meet your Higher Self Avatar through a guided journey.

• The Sensual Gateway: A Reclamation of your Divine Sensual Energy & Being, you’ll create and experience of ritual of remembrance - honouring the hot, holy, and sensual creature you are.

• The Creativity Gateway: Rewriting the New Timeline of where you are headed, how you will transform, and who you are - you’ll refine your timeline for greater pleasure, joy, contentment, happiness, and success.

Stepping into your Mythic Self is an initiation into becoming the fullness of who you really are, owning your power and beauty, and celebrating that through your desire, pleasure and creative expression. This journey will hopefully give you greater connection and access to drop in deeper with these aspects of yourself throughout the remainder of your human experience.


Use the practices within this guide within the next 7 Days to receive the messages you need to be receiving at this time. The Mythic Self Initiation can be done in all three parts at the same time or broken up in segments throughout the week. The important point is to complete the ritual in one week so as to close the energy loop.

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