Divine Prosperity Codes Intro

Divine Prosperity Codes Intro

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Allow yourself to untether from the crumbling old story of scarcity, and remember your divine sovereign heritage as a divine creator that generates infinite sources of abundance for yourself and others to receive.

As you re-wire your energetic system to align with the New Earth Prosperity Frequencies of Vision, Value, Gratitude and Receptivity, you’ll find yourself receiving and experiencing more abundance, wealth, money, and prosperity.

Follow the 4 Rituals included in this guide to begin activating and experiencing your New Earth reality of Prosperity.

PLUS AS A BONUS Receive a Free Prosperity Codes Session with Phoenix included at the back of your guide (value $497usd). Use the link included at the back of the Guide to book your exclusive one-on-one session with her to release old scarcity programming and align to New Earth Prosperity Codes.

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