Love letters...

Each day, you check your mailbox. More often than not, what is inside are bills and reminders of the things you owe people. 

I remember being on the precipice of thirteen, not quite a child - not quite an adult. That awkward in-between state. And during that time, I had a few penpals. We would write letters to one another describing our lives, our loves, our pains, trials and tribulations. Those letters were these precious gifts into someone's heart and soul. It was such a treasure to open my mailbox and see these letters waiting for me.

Imagine each month, receiving a beautiful envelope in the mail. Artfully decorated, this piece of art emits a lovely fragrance upon opening as you unfold a beautifully hand-written letter addressed to you...

This letter contains a heartfelt story, some touching poetry, and some words of soul reminding you of your unique and beautiful brilliance. There will also be some personal inclusions from my own journal or someone elses...a real and raw glimpse into the human heart. It also includes an invitation to bring a particular practice into your life, ritual for more connection, or some writing prompts to go deeper. At the end I may share more info about what I'm up to and offerings I have.

There may also be a small gift inside: An altar card, some art, tea, or chocolate.

This letter becomes that special gift that graces your mail box, and is a monthly reminder that you are loved, awesome, and divine!



Social media is feeding me less and less these days. It's like eating a meal where I never feel satisfied.

While I love seeing updates from friends, travels, and new and exciting projects and accomplishments - I'm craving a deeper sense of connection with all of you.

....MORE real and human tenderness, less scrolling.

....MORE dropped in connection and catchups, less likes.

Just 100 years ago, before the era of internet and blazing fast internet, if you wanted to send a letter to your lover, you had to really pour your heart out and speak with such vulnerable courage - because your letter would take months to arrive in their sweet hands.

And as you awaited your lover's letter, you would feel the anticipation (deliciously) mount in the course of waiting for that letter to arrive.

Running a business where email newsletters are 'the thing', I desire to do more than take up space in your inbox, I want to have a sacred space in your heart (and you in mine).

As I've acknowledged this feeling, I had this IDEA!

I want to bring back some of the yummy nostalgia of handwritten letters, thoughtfully written, and truths courageously shared.

The physical handwritten love letter is making a comeback, and you can get yours below!!


Each month you'll receive: 

One beautifully & thoughtfully handwritten letter in your mailbox. Adorned with art, doodles, and a message from my soul to yours, think of this as your monthly love letter. 

Each letter will share some specially curated poetry, a story or two from the school of life, and some food for thought - whether that's a practice to infuse into your life, your business, or relationship. You'll also be reminded of your magic + brilliance with some reminders of why you're FUCKING AMAZING!

Every month you'll also receive a little gift with your letter; whether that be tea, an art card, or something else whimsical, this surprise gift is sure to become one of your favorite rituals to look forward to. I'll also briefly share some cool stuff I'm up! 

AND I'll make a donation on your collective behalf to a charity doing amazing things. Each month will be different and you'll be notified in your letter. It's like automatic philanthropy!



This monthly Love Letter Subscription will be a low monthly payment of $15.00 CAD ($12USD). Each letter will be mailed in the first business day of each month, so subscriptions are rolling and you can join at any time. 

You can also cancel your subscription at any time, although there are no refunds offered (for obvious reasons). Cancellation is easy. Simply cancel your Paypal Subscription through your Paypal account.


Simply make your first Subscription payment below via Paypal. After purchase, you'll be redirected to a page where you can add in your complete mailing address. Please add in your current mailing address. If you need to update your mailing address, you can simply refill in the form and check in the box that says new address change.

For those outside of North America, please expect longer wait times on arrival.




LETTERS ARE MAILED on the first business day of each month, and arrival times will vary depending on your location. For example, currently mailing schedule is as follows.

Friday June 1st, 2018 Mailed: Arrival times 4-12 days from June 1st depending on location.

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Wednesday August 1st, 2018

Monday Sept 3rd, 2018