Hey gorgeous!!

AHHHH! So excited to have you joining us….this is going to be a really special experience with a beautiful group of humans. You’ll receive more info via email soon, but the sweet and short to get you started and confirmed is below!

Leave ALL expectations at the door….this is unlike anything you’ve experienced. This personal experience you’re about to start unfolds around a story…and you are part of that story. It will be guided, though you are also co-creating and navigating your experience through this. Trust me when I ask you to release any expectations of what this looks like, feels like, or

Thank you for trusting your intuition, and signing up! This has been percolating in my consciouness for YEARSSSS now…and it is time to release it. Your excitement, curiousity, and genuine authenticity are so welcome and so appreciated in this space. Looking forward to walking with you in this Mythic Self.

P.S. if you know someone who would appreciate the safety, encouragement, and community to explore their sexual & creative expression, send them the link to apply! We now only have limited spaces left (to keep it sweet and intimate!)

xoxo Phoenix

So….without further ado, A FEW THINGS TO GET STARTED



  1. PREPARING YOURSELF: By enrolling in this BETA EXPERIENCE, you acknowledge the expectations of your role as a beta. You and your feedback of this journey will be instrumental in creating an expansive and nurturing experience for others. By enrolling in this journey, you agree to the terms and conditions set up below.

  2. BETA BEAUTY PERKS + EXPECTATIONS: Beta Testers for the The Mythic Self commit to journeying with us for three months. At the end of month three, you’ll fill out a feedback form about your experience that should take no more than 15-20 minutes max. Should you decide to complete the full journey, as a beta tester you will automatically receive the discounted tuition fee for the remainder of the 9 Keys.

    AND If you decide you want to share about your experience with a video (more guidance + instructions provided later), you will also receive a 90 min One-on-One Sacred Creation Immersion - where we delve into your sacred purpose & gifts, align your vibration to one of ease + pleasure, design a structure of implementation, and tap into your highest states of ecstasy.


  1. BETA TUITION OPTIONS: To keep you accountable and active in this journey, we’ve created a nominal tuition fee that is vastly discounted from the regular enrollment rate coming out later this year. This is one of the great things about being a beta tester!

    Choose your beta tuition options:



Monthly installments of $97USD

(if you’re not from the US, it will convert into your currency automatically)



Online banking: If you prefer to use online banking, you can e-transfer monthly payments of $128CAD to



If you prefer to register for all 9 Keys (9 months) and receive a massive discount, enroll for the tuition of $555USD/$735CAD (available until Feb 11th).


YOU’LL BE SENT AN EMAIL WITH MORE DETAILS & WELCOME GUIDE - Along with being added to the Private Facebook Group. Because this is an intimate container with more applications than spaces available, I invite you to register as soon as possible to confirm your participation. If you have any issues or questions with registering, feel free to email our team at - or -

xoxo, Phoenix