Choice Leads to the Creation of Beliefs and Thoughts and which then create emotion or feeling. You then act on these emotions or feelings and from this you have outcomes and results. Transform your Beliefs to Transform your Outcomes. - Phoenix


Have you ever considered what your life would look like if you gave yourself permission to do/be/experience all the wild, crazy, & beautiful ideas you’ve thought of?

How would you feel knowing you were able to quit your 9-5 and travel the world while expanding your side-hustle into your full time passion and legacy for a small small investment in your growth? 

Over the past four years, I've gone through an incredible shift in my life. I went from working for a non-profit eeking out $2k a month, to starting my own personal growth business and generating a quarter-million dollars. What I really love is that my work is a reflection of my personal growth and as I continue to grow, expand and serve more, I also continue to expand; how much I receive, how much I love, how much freedom I experience, and how much I embody my truth. 

What I know is this - we cannot afford to keep our medicine, gifts, and wisdom to ourselves anymore. In this time of Great Awakening on the planet, we need the healers and artists to step forward and offer their medicine. In this age we have all of the tools to spread our message, yet most healers and creatives don't recognize the potency of their gifts or see how they can use them for good while also being financially nourished. 

Whether your art is healing, speaking, singing, creating, dancing, or thought-leadership - the world needs you and your art more than ever. Allow your dream the chance of living by enlisting my loving support, guidance, and psychically-enhanced strategic insight in this richly potent, fun, and intimate online workshop.

Trust in yourself and your dream. You are reading this for a reason.

“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.” ― David W. Orr, Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World

How would your life be if you actually gave yourself permission to not give two fucks about others, and fully trust in your voice, your message, your mission and your offerings?

What would being you look like if you focused all of your efforts into seeing your dream come alive with more curiousity & less shame, more love and less guilt, more loving boundaries and less fucks!?!


DAY 1: 

• EXPLORE YOUR VISION : We cannot experience something we haven't first envisioned. In this beautiful opening ceremony, you'll be guided in this potent visualization experience to really experience your highest future timeline, and ground that vision into reality. You'll also receive a unique Oracle card reading just for you related to your spiritual & life's work.

•ALCHEMIZE FEAR: In this laser session, you'll be guided to lovingly bring forth all of your deepest and darkest fears around your work; from fears of judgement, feeling unworthy of success, to your money issues - we'll bring them up for healing and alchemize them through awareness techniques. We'll hold a sacred funeral for the beliefs that have been creating resistance in your energetic field and re-write new stories and beliefs systems. 

• QUANTUM PROSPERITY & MINDSET SHIFTS: This is where I support you in coming up with the easiest ways forward, simplest actions, and greatest amount of joy. You don't need a fancy site, assistant, or designer to get your offering out there....You do need clear alignment with what you're offering and a radiant exuberance for what you want to do. We'll walk through simple magnetism practices so you can call forth your ideal clients, receive opportunities, and stop spinning your wheels. 

• UNCOVER YOUR STORY: Delving into your crucible moments and exploring the power of vulnerability, radical love, and the gifts your challenges have given you, we'll  explore how your your life lessons magnetically attract those you want to work with vs. distancing them through perfection.  We'll also use your current life situations and challenges as reflections for how you're being called to serve, because we teach what we need to learn.

DAY 2:

DESIGNING YOUR OFFERS: We'll have fun crafting aligned offers, services, or products that draw on your unique gifts, talents, and excitement. This is where your soul's purpose meets your excitement. We'll talk container design for experiences, passive revenue models, and more. 

• ALIGNED ACTION: Having learnt from experience, not all action is productive or needed. We'll craft an aligned action plan so that you still make aligned action while working in the energy of ease, pleasure, and fun. This isn't about hustle, strive, or hard work! It's about appreciating the journey while keeping steady to opening to your desired outcome.

LIVE FEEDBACK & HOT SEATS: You'll get live feedback on your messaging, offerings, soul mate clients and the belief systems underlying your outcomes. Peeking into your etheric realm of possibility, I'll see where your current energy vibration is not vibing with where you want to be, and give tweaks and feedback to help you open in fully receiving and creating in alignment of your highest ideals and desires. There will be plenty of time for dialogue and Q+A time. 



For the past four years I've devoted myself to working with people I want to see rising in the world - the healers, creatives, and witchy ones. I've seen women leave abusive relationships to finally allow their energy to blossom through their work, I've seen women let go of their comfort in staying small and receive $10k+ per month. I've invested in my own growth and have trained with leading female leadership coaches, business coaches and sales coaches. I've led two international women's conferences with hundreds of women, appeared on television, radio and award-winning Podcasts. Studying energetics since I was twelve, I've also spent the last 2+ decades deepening my psychic abilities so I can be of best service to those I work with. Prior to this work, I helped corporate and NGO clients. One corporation doubled their profits in under two years from $4.5 million to almost $10 million dollars through my recommendations, and I've helped people from thought-leaders, healers, creatives and yoga teachers to NGO clients expand their vision and experience their desired results. While I'm not saying this to brag, I'm living proof that you can create 'woo-woo' offerings and still be successful and I'm here to show you that your dream is possible and can be your current reality - if you choose it.

While we won't be physically on retreat at some tropical location, you can expect the feelings of ease, excitement, and joy to be as palpable. From my first women's retreat in Costa Rica with some sisters (I'm on the far left). 

While we won't be physically on retreat at some tropical location, you can expect the feelings of ease, excitement, and joy to be as palpable. From my first women's retreat in Costa Rica with some sisters (I'm on the far left). 



• You're more aligned to the idea of energetic alignment, surrender, and aligned action than hustle, sacrifice, hard work, and 'nose to the grindstone' mentality

• You are ready to release baggage, negative beliefs and open to new possibilities, realities, and miracles. 

• You're new to starting your business or you've been spinning your wheels in your current business?

• You're a Creative or Healer such as Energy Worker, Body Worker, Visual or Media Artist, Singer/Performer, Psychic, Life or Spiritual Coach and you're looking to create a unique and different business for your unconventional life

• You're looking to give this your all, break through your limiting beliefs, and RECEIVE (notice I didn't use the word earn) $3,000 - $10,000 per month in your new business 

• You have a strong desire to contribute to the Awakening of the Planet and want to include a Giveback plan into your sacred business plan

• You're not afraid to be vulnerable, face your fears, and receive coaching



This intimate container is only open for 7 PEOPLE per group to maintain intimacy as well as give everyone enough time and space for support. Session dates are:

August 21st-22nd: 11am PST - 3pm PST (3 spots left)




Workbook & Templates: Get Your Dreams, Desires, and Priorities organized with these simple to use templates and Guidebooks. This bundle alone has taken years to develop (as my business & personal systems have), and includes Financial Tracking Templates, Messaging & Story Writing Prompts for Social Media, Affirmation Creation, Social Media Plan, Your Vision Statement, and more (Value:$297usd)

Two LIVE 4 Hour Workshops: We go deep, real, and all out in these Live Online Workshops. Prepare to excavate and meet your pure and clear mission and message, get live feedback and support on your offerings, and cut through any bullsh$t holding you back. You'll receive recordings of these calls so you can revisit again and again. (Value: $2997USD)


PLUS | BONUS #1: ACCOUNTABILITY CALL: As we know, accountability is everything. Register at least 14 Days before the Workshop Date and Receive Access to jump in on our 90 min Accountability Calls scheduled 30-45 days after the initial workshop to get support, be accountable to the group, and instill the courage, clarity and confidence to continue living the dream. (Value: $497)

PLUS | BONUS #2: Embody. Align. Receive: Register at least 14 Days before the Workshop Date and Receive Access to This 3 part Audio & Ritual Workbook Journey that  will support you before we begin our workshop together. You'll be guided to get clarity on your desired experiences, dreams, and outcomes for the year and Embody them energetically, Align your words and actions, and open your energy to begin receiving. (Value: $97)

TOTAL VALUE: Equals $3,888USD total. This package is normally included in my VIP One-on-One Two Day Retreat for $3997usd but you get all of this for $497USD.

Register at least 14 days before each workshop, and you'll be gifted free access to Embody. Align. Receive ($97 value)

This 3 part Audio & Ritual Workbook Journey will support you before we begin our workshop together. You'll be guided to get clarity on your desired experiences, dreams, and outcomes for the year and Embody them energetically, Align your words and actions, and open your energy to begin receiving. 

You'll Receive:

• 3 Audio Journeys that introduce the practices of 'Your Personal Oracle', Altaring your desires, and a giving thanks ceremony

• 3 Ritual Workbooks which will prompt deeper discovery, clarity and alignment with what you deeply desire. A great primer to our workshop. 





After a beautiful connect with Phoenix one I will look back on many times this year as a totem to my success - I have realized the shifts I need to make in order to excel even faster. Thank you for your innate wisdom! If anyone feels like they need some guidance in their independent work, I highly recommend connecting with this beautiful being. - Sonya Lagar

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed when I came to do a coaching session with Phoenix. Phoenix is so warm, inviting, a healer, so much wisdom, intuition and passion. My pen couldn't keep up as she channeled perfect advice for my business and me. She has so much knowledge on marketing, business, and psychology.  She really helped to get back on track, take risks, keep trusting and believe. It's funny how I know all of this, but when fear comes up, it's all forgotten. I'm so grateful for this booster. You're truly incredible at what you do Phoenix, and I look forward to working with you more and achieving great results. ~ Hayley Melrose,

I’ve noticed a much clearer and more grounded, comprehensive understanding of what I offer & how to offer it through working with Phoenix. Through this I now more much more confidence in my skills and abilities and what I bring to the world.

I would most certainly recommend her services to anyone - as she has a wealth of understanding and is amazingly resourceful and completely unstoppable with whatever it is that she chooses to engage in. - Pulxaneeks Love, Strong Light Inside Coaching

Phoenix possesses a uniquely supportive ability to inspire others to take bold action to transform one’s way of looking at work. It has shifted my doubt to confidence in my abilities and actions. - Murray Johnson, LAUNCH Your Passion Project Graduate

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Over the past four years of rocking my soulful life's work, I've learnt countless lessons, endured lots of mistakes, and experienced exponential growth in my heart, soul, and career. I've invested tens of thousands of dollars into my growth, held events for hundred of people (in gorgeous locales), made major business mistakes that cost me hundreds of thousands, made hundreds of thousands, and been featured on national TV, radio, and other media. I've experienced the elevation of major exposure and made major PR mistakes that attracted lots of criticism. 

It is from the experience of staying grounded within it all of that that I desire to support you in the growth you are ready to experience - and share some of the knowledge I've experienced so that you can carry forward in your mission with pleasure. 



Investment for this two-day online workshop is $997usd total or two payments of $597usd. Installment plan is only available if registering at least two weeks before listed workshop dates works. All payments must be completed before attending workshop. This will be the last year I'll be offering this workshop at these rates, so take this divine sign that this is your opportunity!

To reserve your spot for this please choose your payment option below. If you have any issues with registration, please email


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Once you register, you'll be directed to a page a Welcome Page where you reserve your Spot for Your Preferred Day. You'll also be prompted to fill out an initial questionaire with your contact info. 7 Days before the workshop, you'll receive Your Workshop Guidebook to work on before the LIVE Workshop along with Call In Details. While you don't have to have them finished, the more you have clarified, the more feedback you can gain. 


These weekly LIVE Community Calls + Trainings will be at the following times (please note, replays will be available within 24 hours).

• June 19th-20th: 11am PST - 3pm PST  • July 12th-13th, 5pm - 9pm PST • August 21st-22nd: 11am PST - 3pm PST


Once your register, please fill in the questionnaire you'll be directed to. You'll receive an email confirmation of registration immediately and seven days before the workshop you'll receive your Workshop Guide. Complete as much as possible.

For the workshop itself, make sure you're in a quiet and private space and have your laptop open, a journal, beverage and snacks. You'll also want to have headphones to minimize distortion and a strong wifi signal. Bedhead or not, we wanna see your face;) Come prepared to laugh, cry, and learn a lot about yourself and your work!


Sometimes life happens; whether that's someone losing a job, a loved one dying, or a new transition (like birthing a baby!). However, having worked with hundreds of people over the past few years in these journeys, I've also seen people decide to 'quit' just before their major realization, transformation, or breakthrough. This work can break us down so we can breakthrough. I've also seen people go through major challenges and still stick with 'the work' to emerge even more alive. confident and strong in themselves. We are creating an all-out, no holds-barred wishy-washy, half-in/half-out energy. In that, if you're not 100% satisfied after the workshop and can provide proof of completed assignments given, you will be 100% refunded. If there is an additional reason such as a death in the family or other something else, you can cancel your registration with 14 days notice by email to: -or- reschedule your workshop. By registering to this workshop, you fully agree to these terms and conditions.