I'm a stand for the power of embracing all of ourselves - the light & dark. I fiercely believe that as we acknowledge and face our wounds, we become better leaders, lovers, and inspirations. 

I believe there is more to this reality than we've been led to believe - and sexual, creative and spiritual expression are the gateways to exploring the Universe and the expansion of our consciousness.

Art, writing, performance, and designing deliciously heart-shattering multi-sensory experiences for people light me the fuck up! Coconut oil massages, cashew milk lattes, and a healthy dose of Kahlil Gibran are the ways to melt my heart -- a conscious hedonist, I like to think touches of beauty are much needed salve for the soul in these tumultuous times.

I'm a fierce YES to liberating our sexual wholeness, teaching children about consent, exploring more of our voice through art and creativity, and the building of intentional communities as means to alchemize fragmentation and disconnection.

Those who are most seen are also prone to making big mistakes (publicly), and I believe in the power of awakened leadership; where we embrace failure, mistakes, and humbleness, as initiations to leading with heart. 

Oracle, metaphysical guide, channel for source, creative designer, writer, Prayerformer, artist, and mother, I'm called many titles but not one defines the full vastness of all that I am. 

A Canadian of Hungarian and Ukrainian ancestry, I believe acknowledging our ancestors and the ancestors of the lands we live upon can change the world. 

My values centre around integrity, trust, faith, love, respect, honour, forgiveness and communication. I have a lot to unpack around white privilege, and it's part of my deeper work to heal, explore, and understand the ways in which I've been part of the problem and how to be part of the solution. I fiercely stand for the celebration and inclusivity of BIPOC, LGBTQX, and voices who are not normally brought to the table (too many to name here...).

Through my online journeys, one-on-one mentorship programs, and live retreats and events , I help visionaries like you access your mythic multi-dimensional self to live your legacy, unleash your sensual essence, and tap into your inner genius. 

I acknowledge that I live on unceded First Nations territory in the the city of Victoria and the surrounding areas lie on the territories of the Coast Salish and Lekwungen-speaking peoples, including the Esquimalt, Songhees, and W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations.







One of the questions I’m often asked is "How did you get started in all this?"

Since I was a small child, I was insanely creative. From covering my mother's walls with murals in permanent marker (sorry Mom!), to selling my art on the side of the road at age four, I was always engaged in my creative exploration through singing, art, performance, and experiences.

I also had an innate desire to consume and learn about metaphysics, the occult, magic, and the Mystery from a very young age. My earliest memories including speaking with beings from other places, dreams of being dropped on this planet, and dreams visiting other planets.



This level of creativity and heightened intuition seemed so normal, so in between art classes, choir, and listening to Tupac (as was normal for a kid in junior high) I was also aligning my chakras at night and astral travelling to distant places.

I also couldn't explain the fascination and connection I had with Egypt since being a small child. Drawing hieroglyphs and ancient symbols from a memory I couldn't quite recall, I sensed there would be a revelation as to what exactly this kismet connection was.

In trying to cram my beautifully creative and unique self into the mold of 'normal', I found myself at a loss as to my direction upon graduating from high school.

While I knew my path was intimately intertwined with metaphysics & spirituality, creativity, and sexual expression, I bought the story that 'being an artist was not a career path' and shut the door on my creativity, expression, and spiritual connection. 

I bought the story that these gifts weren't of value in the world, and tried to be as normal as possible. 

After a few years of travelling the world, deep introspection, soul searching, and a failed attempt of ending my life, I knew I had to give my passions a chance.

I came back to Canada, enrolled in art school, and after university decided to start my own coaching business instead of getting a Masters in Urban Planning.

From that point on, I let my passions and creative nudges lead me...

I won a beauty pageant (Mrs. B.C. 2012), hosted my first leadership event (BED Talks), hosted fashion shows, started a collective mansion, studied Tantra (and also taught it!), started connecting with entrepreneurs, reconnected with my spirituality, went to Burning Man, got married (and divorced) changed my name, and literally threw myself into online coaching.

In choosing to redefine myself and the life I wanted to lead, I took back my power and simply decided to live life on my terms. I chose to redefine what success meant to me, and turned inward to begin loving the 'weird' and wonderful gifts I had.

Then everything clicked when I joined my first women's mastermind with a female mentor whose work literally cracked me open. The missing link of sisterhood and group support in all of this was the final piece of this grand puzzle I was piecing together.

From there, I excavated my most hidden truths and decided to put forth work that simultaneously felt frightening to share, yet lit me up in such a deep and meaningful way.

In the space of six-months, I left my relationship, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and also birthed a new business. It was through the Awakened Woman Convergence and our events where I found the transformational work of collective intention and invocation, creating safe and courageous containers for equality, healing and channelling potent prayers for the world.

Our events in Bali and Phoenix seemed to coincide with the birthing of major global women's movements (world's largest women's march and #metoo), and I felt the confirmation that what we were doing was of deep importance.

The dreams started coming back, and I began having mystical unexplainable experiences again. After a profound trip to Egypt - my communication with beings from other dimensions strengthened and I've begun sharing the transmissions received on the Collective Transformation and Awakening we as a Human Family are undergoing.

From there, my work began to resonate across many platforms, and I found myself featured in places like the Financial Post, Huffington Post, dozens of renowned podcasts, and online publications.

I believe we are on the precipice of an incredible new Golden Age in humanity, and it's asking of you to share your whole truth, medicine and gifts with the world. It's time we wake up and remember why we came here. It's your time love!

At AWC 2016 with Speaker + Author Mastin Kipp.

At AWC 2016 with Speaker + Author Mastin Kipp.

Attending my first women's leadership retreat in Costa Rica

Attending my first women's leadership retreat in Costa Rica

AWC 2016, Bali Indonesia

AWC 2016, Bali Indonesia

AWC 2017, Phoenix Arizona

AWC 2017, Phoenix Arizona


I'm here to show up as my truest, most glorious colorful, fucking brilliant self so that you can see your own reflection of radiance! And I am here to support you in recognizing and celebrating your radiance as well.

Through my free resources and content, retreats, mentorships and online group journeys - I'm here to be a stand for the unleashing of your sexual, creative and spiritual brilliance into the world.  

I'll also be real in that I'm a human just like you, and make mistakes all of the time! I'm no guru to worship, I don't have all of the answers, and the only thing I can truly claim is that I'm on the path of learning life just as you are, just as we all are. 

But I commit to being transparent with you, and giving you the truth of my heart and passion so we can evolve in love together.

I oscillate between the ridiculously goofy, sensuous poetic, to intellectual and earnest. 

If you're still here reading this, I'm honoured you've landed on this special space on the interwebs. I'm excited to deepen with you in this journey of excavating our deepest gifts together, and would love to learn more about you, your desires, vision and mission. The easiest way to be connected is to be on our Insider's Circle.

In devotion and love,



I also commit to not spamming your sacred inbox with endless offers , programs, or affiliate products! I believe in less is more, and most of the time I'll be sharing what's in my heart regarding sexual & creative expression, practices and ideas to ponder, personal stories you may find helpful, along with transmissions from the Collective. On occasion I'll share insider info on upcoming journeys, retreats, and events where I'd love to connect with you! 

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It’ll guide you through a reunion with your higher self, the symbols, messages and wisdom you need to receive at this point in your path - so you can confidently (and with faith) trust your intuitive and creative nudges towards living a technicolor reality!

Thank you for being here and I'm looking forward to where our path converge! 

In love + devotion,