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Celebrating Your Magic & Power

through Ceremony, Ritual & Initiation


Your Experiences weren't to break you down. They were to break you open. 


I'm Phoenix, and I'm here on this planet to assist the next-level Acensionary beings here to serve the Great Awakening of Consciousness & Unity. As a Galactic Ambassador I work my magic through evolutionary spiritual technologies, visionary art rituals, and ceremonies designed to support you in celebrating your gifts so your medicine radiates in the world. I'm not here to 'fix' you, I'm here to support you in experiencing and living your most Expansive Soul Experience Possible.


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"In Phoenix’s presence, I feel like I cannot help but go deeper, expand bigger, and open wider into my truth and my vision. She is my fire-starting and courage-igniting guide, calling me in closer to the infinite power and beauty that resides within me. I cannot recommend her magical work more highly - it will transform you if you’re ready, it’s time." ~ Catarina Andrade,

"I can only say thank you to the woman that has supported me, in embracing my sexuality my sensuality and my femininity.  Her work has made me feel whole and has made me truly feel and love my sexuality in a way that I can express. I have more compassion, and now having a deep understanding of my soul in this body, she is a true priestess beyond fairytales.

She is the kind of "human" that in her presence you might doubt she is from this planet, because she radiates like a shooting star that the only thing you can do is "make a wish" and she will guide you for it to coming true. Love you and I will be forever grateful, thank you Phoenix!" Monica Pelayo,

"Phoenix has a unique gift of integration. There are millions of different facets to her being and she fuses and balances them boldly and unapologetically. She is able to see and access all of the parts of you—even the ones that you have judged as too weird—and call them forward, leaving you in awe of what she has found. Phoenix then guides you to embrace your multidimensionality, and helps you to rise from the ashes of your “before” in a mythic way, as YOU. The whole YOU. There is no greater gift that you can give the world."

—Theresa Venezia,


"I had the great pleasure to meet Phoenix Muranetz at her women's event. I fell instantly in love with her way of being in the world. The first words I heard her say were to ask us, "What are you calling in for your life right now". What an amazing quest to inspire as embedded in the question is our very capacity to do it!

I feel empowered when I am in her presence and inspired watching her from afar. This gal is sage, savvy, and genuinely interested in the psyche of women, individually (you'll feel that in her presence) but collectively as well. I'm so proud to tap into this wild community of women working against the patriarchal paradigm but without ever male-blaming or bashing. I found it very inspiring to listen to this very focused discussion on how we can revise our words and thus align our intentions with loving kindness, integrity and DESIRE!"

- Joani Mortenson