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Whether we connect for a weekend, a few months or journey together over the course of a year, we’ll explore, embody and experience the most sensual, mystical, powerful version of yourself that you’re ready to unleash.

Even if we never meet, know that you are on this planet at an extremely important time in our story. There is a deep and powerful knowing welling inside of you to reclaim the expression of your most passionate, playful and powerful self – and I’m here to help you remember.

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Each year I work with a select group of women to journey into their uncover their hidden desire, uncover their divine power and step into their work as Awakened Leaders. Book your free exploration call.

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Apply to join a sisterhood of women ready to embrace their magic + light, remember their ancient wisdom and become a messenger for millions. Apply below to express your interest.



The Awakened Woman Community is for those wanting to be living their most creative, unleashed and expressed selves while also running a satisfying and soulful business.

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I'm so glad you made it here.

We all share similar human experiences. We desire connection, sensual pleasure, a deeper understanding of our path and purpose.

Spiritual guide, Sensual Empowerment Mentor and Visionary ~ I believe in the power of sensual liberation + radical creative expression to be the key to unlocking human greatness. 

I help women (and sometimes men) deepen into intimacy with themselves to help unleash their primal selves, experience their raw beauty, and taste the ecstasy of their divine power and ancient wisdom. In liberating your oppressed passion, desire and sensual energy -- you find a freedom moves through your soul's work, your business, and your bedroom.

And I want to support you in this path.

Being on this journey myself for the past fifteen years, I'm proud to say I've helped people around the world express their voice, desires, and sensual expression through my online courses and trainings, retreats, one-on-one work, and annual Awakened Woman Convergence.

Welcome to your initiation in reclaiming your desire + pleasure!

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